What Is Ecommerce

What Is Ecommerce – And How To Do It For Free

We are often asked by customers “what is ecommerce?” This article explains what e-commerce is – how to do it well – and how to do it for FREE.

What Is Ecommerce

Very simply explained an ecommerce website is one that sells products. Most websites, including this one, are full of information.  This information can be about products or services, however the products or services cannot be bought from the website.  If a customer wants to buy a service or product they have to contact the company by email or telephone. An ecommerce website (sometimes referred to as an e-tailing) is a website where the product or service is listed on the website and the customer can buy from the website itself. One of the largest commerce websites in the world is ‘Amazon’ who list millions of products to buy from the website direct.

What Is Ecommerce – For Small Business

Okay, so your business is not as big as Amazon – what can commerce do for a small business? Regardless of your size or the number of products you have to sell – an ecommerce website can be a great benefit to your business. If you are in business you either have one product, more than one product or services to offer. If you have something people want or need – they will be searching the internet for it. Whether you have a small market stall or a retail premises the size of Harrods – an ecommerce website could also be an opportunity to sell your wares. On the internet you can be as big or as small and unique, as you like.
What is ecommerce - Cufflinks Warehouse

What is ecommerce – Cufflinks Warehouse

What Is Ecommerce – Benefits

There a 3 main benefits to having an ecommerce website 1. Always open for business – with an online ecommerce website you are always open for business.  Customers can view, read about and buy your products all through the day or night, 7 days a week. 2. Wider audience – it is called the ‘world wide web’ for a reason. An ecommerce website is accessible in around 50% of the world. No longer are your products just available to your local geographical area. This opens up your business to anywhere you can get your product delivered. 3. Inexpensive – it does not have to expensive to create an ecommerce website. The cheapest option is to build it yourself.  There are lots of websites where you can build an online webstore for free.  You simply have to upload the images of your products and a description. One of the best websites to build an ecommerce site is Free Webstore – in a few simple steps you can create a website and add up to 50 products, free of charge.  The website allows payment from Paypal and credit cards – and automatically uploads your products to Google Shopping. Alternatively, a ‘Web Designer’ will build and manage your ecommerce website for about £1000 (depending on the number of products involved). Compare this to the cost of opening a shop to sell your goods and an ecommerce website  is very inexpensive.

What Is Ecommerce – How To Do It Well

An ecommerce website is like every other website – it needs to be found on search engines like Google. It can be easier to be found on Google for products, as it is easier to match the product to the search term customers are likely to be looking for. Product Title – think carefully about what to call the product.  If we use the example of the cufflinks website illustrated above – they use specific descriptions in the products title. If they called each products ‘cufflinks’ it would be difficult to distinguish each product on the website – let alone the whole of the internet. If the product is listed as “Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cufflinks” it is much more likely to be found for searches for “Harley Davidson cufflinks” or even “motorcycle cufflinks”.  Not only is the product more likely to be found – the product is more likely to be purchased, as it matches the persons search term. If the product is a particular size, colour or is also known by a part number – this should be included in the title. Images – best practice with images is either to have the product on a white background or the product in use.  It is also advisable to have at least 4 images of the product. Research by Amazon had shown that a product with 4 images is 70% more likely to sell than a product with 1 image.  Take pictures from every angle of the product or the product in and out of packaging – to give the customer the complete picture (pardon the pun). what is ecommerce free   Description – Although you want the product to be found by search engines, it is ‘Human Beings’ that will buy the product.  The description should include 3 explanations. 1. Features – what is the product 2. Advantages – what the product will do or why it is better than similar products 3. Benefits – how will the person benefit from having this product. For example, a ‘memory foam mattress’ Title – King Size Memory Foam Mattress 198cmx152cmx10cm Description – (Features) King Size Memory Foam Mattress. Is the standard King Size of 198cmx152cmx10cm (advantages) built to the highest quality with the most luxurious 4″ deep memory foam. Our Life time guarantee gives you peace of mind. (Benefits) Our mattress is expertly designed to give better comfort, aid sleep and reduce muscle, circulation and joint problems. A great value way of improving your comfort during sleep. This concludes this article on “what is ecommerce?

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