Waitrose Free Coffee

Waitrose Free Coffee – Not A Storm In A Tea Cup

Earlier this week the Labour Party attacked the Waitrose Free Coffee offer and accused the high-end supermarket of “destroying the UK High Street” – is it Waitrose Free Coffee doing this or is it a change in the way we use the High Street? One presumes that the ‘High Street’ is being highlighted, as most ‘High Streets’ in the UK are overrun with ‘coffee shops’.  Depending on your point of view the ‘coffee shop’ either killed or saved the ‘High Street’. We investigate the changing trend in customer behaviour – and how your business needs to change to accommodate it. Waitrose Free Coffee  

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Google Takes Down Links Websites

It seems as though we read everyday of another Google Takes Down Links Websites announcement.  It is an ongoing battle between websites selling links and Google finding them and blacklisting them. If you (or your SEO company) are using such websites – be careful – your website could be about to get a Google penalty.

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