SEO Training Courses

Our SEO training courses are designed to give you the full insight in to search engine optimisation, in a simple, jargon free way. If you are a ‘Web Designer’, ‘Marketing Manager’ or simply responsible for your business website – regardless of your internet knowledge – you will have the skills and approach to be able to understand how and why you are building a search engine friendly website that will rank well and get relevant traffic. We will show you how to work with Google to get the best results. There are no quick wins or cheats in regard to search engine ranking. Google wants to present relevant websites to their user – we will show you what Google is after, how to incorporate it in to your projects and build websites that rank well in the natural listings. Getting to rank well in search engines is a popularity contest, not a beauty contest – you cannot cheat at being popular. Our SEO training courses will help you build websites that search engines will love – because you give their users exactly what they are looking for. This training course is not the theory of SEO – it is full of practical working and practices that you will use from the day after the training and for many years to come.

SEO Training Courses – Introduction

A brief introduction to the training team conducting the SEO Training Courses. A brief introduction of the delegates We hope that this is the first day of a network designed to support each other.

SEO Training Courses – Objectives

We will outline the training course objectives. We will list and capture delegates objectives – to ensure that whatever you wish to accomplish is achieved.

SEO Training Courses – What Does Google Want?

We will have an in-depth look at what Google is after and how to structure your website to satisfy Google. How to build sites that work with any Google updates such as panda, humming bird etc. – getting your / your customers website ahead of the competition. Resulting in websites that rank well in search engines. Almost always at the top of the 1st page of Google.

SEO Training Courses – Keyword Strategy

What keywords to use for site set-up, content and copy Showing you how to distinguish between “research keywords” and “buying keywords” and how to incorporate them naturally in to the website. Websites that not only get found – but are found for the search terms that will drive business in to your customers company.

SEO Training Courses – Site Structure

As well as how to structure the website – we look at the essential elements each page MUST have. Ensuring that every page is ‘optimised’ to the maximum. Getting each page to rank in its own right.

SEO Training Courses – Links

The course will cover how to plan your linking strategy especially in terms of ‘Internal linking’ and external linking to articles such as this one on Wikipedia on Organic Searches / Natural Listings. This will session also include your ‘back linking’ strategy and how to get new sites to rank faster than the usual 3-6 months. The SEO Training course will also cover:

  • Anchor text – how to use anchor texts in a way that is natural looking to Google.
  • Natural links
  • Creating ‘link pyramids’
  • Free resources – using free resources to get ‘high authority’ links and citations for your website.

SEO Training Courses – Social Media

  • Why Social Media is important for SEO
  • How to use for Social Media for SEO on websites
  • How to use Social Media to create ongoing payments and residual income from customers
  • Incorporating ‘reputation management’ in to the services you offer customers.

SEO Training Courses – Video Marketing

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world – it is also owned by Google. The course covers how to use the power of Youtube in your website creation and SEO services. SEO Training Courses Using ‘video marketing’ to get new customers, offer and ongoing service to existing customer – both who will be happy to pay for the service.

SEO Training Courses – Managing Your Customers?

The course includes a session on practical ways to manage your customers. Businesses are being contacted numerous times a day with someone trying to sell them SMS, PPC, Adwords, Websites, and SEO. To many businesses ‘search engine optimisation’ is a black art. We will show you how to explain SEO to businesses owners – making it clear for your customers what they are getting for their money. We will also show you how to ensure your customers are happy to keep paying you on a continuous basis.

SEO Training Courses – Course Follow-up

30 minutes online support each month for the 3-months following the course to consolidate learning. Choose a course nearest to you:

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