SEO Consultancy Service

If you have a website for your business that is not ranking well or getting the traffic you would like, or you are responsible for a corporate or large business website then our SEO Consultancy Service may be more tailored to your needs than our SEO Training Courses.

SEO Consultancy Service – What Will It Include?

Our SEO Consultancy service can be tailored to your specific needs. In addition we will cover:
  • What you are trying to achieve with your website (sales, branding, subscribers etc.)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • What are the search terms to achieve your goals
  • How to structure your website pages
  • What to include on every page
  • The link strategy for your website
  • Broadcasting your website
  • ‘On Page’ and ‘Off Page’ search engine optimisation
  • Your ‘social media strategy’
  • Video marketing for your business, products and services
  • Online reputation management
  • How to drive traffic / visitors to your website

SEO Consultancy Service – Do I Need A New Website?

In most cases we find that simple changes to the current website is sufficient to see an improvement in web visitors. We will identify any problems or opportunities with your current website and online presence and show you how to resolve any issues, or capitalise upon opportunities. If you have access to the ‘back end’ of your website and can therefore make amendments to it normally we would work through this together.

SEO Consultancy Service – Do I Need To Be A Techie?

Absolutely not.  Search engines are looking for a certain criteria from a website – their users are looking to find the results that are a match to their search.  All of this is simple to achieve without any technical knowledge at all.

SEO Consultancy Service – Will You Come To Me?

Yes. We find that it is better for us to conduct the training at your business. If this is not suitable a local meeting room or hotel will suffice.

SEO Consultancy Service

SEO Consultancy Service – How Much Does It Cost?

Costs depend on a number of factors – how many people are being trained, how many days are required for changes and / or to make the necessary alterations. Expenses incurred in attending and travel. Our prices are reasonable and always considerably less that your business will achieve from the training and improvements.  We aim to deliver a great ‘return on investment’ for your business. Unlike most SEO Consultancy Services we do not charge an ongoing or residual fee. Unless requested by you – we will solve your issues in one go so that you can enjoy the financial benefits going forward without any additional costs.

SEO Consultancy Service – Who Do You Work With?

All the members of our team delivering the SEO Consultancy Service have experience of working with all sizes of businesses from large corporate ‘blue chip’ companies through to SME companies and ‘start up’ businesses. We pride ourselves on offering extremely competitive, highly experienced, professional SEO consultancy services, for UK businesses wanting to rank highly in search engines like Google.

SEO Consultancy Service – How Will I Know It Is Working?

As part of the ‘one off’ fee we will set-up regular reporting so you can see the benefits of our service and use how to use your new found knowledge to continually improve the results.

SEO Consultancy Service – Where Do I Start?

First point of contact is to telephone us on 0117 325 1099 or email us SEO Training Email Address or complete the enquiry form We will investigate your needs and explain how we can help.