Google Takes Down Links Websites

It seems as though we read everyday of another Google Takes Down Links Websites announcement.  It is an ongoing battle between websites selling links and Google finding them and blacklisting them. If you (or your SEO company) are using such websites – be careful – your website could be about to get a Google penalty.

Google Takes Down Links Websites

Google Takes Down Links Websites – Poland

Matt Cutts (Head Of Google Ant-Spam) tweeted this week that “we just took action on two Polish link networks” – unusually for Matt, he didn’t mention which networks were the ones caught or the action taken against them. This prompted the Polish Google Webmaster blog to issue a statement ”

Unnatural links and requests for reconsideration

In the past, as well as recently, we have taken action on the pages and entire systems to exchange links , which aggressively and deliberately violate our guidelines. We want to take this opportunity to further remind people that these systems to exchange links do not comply with our guidelines for webmasters. Please be advised that we will continue to take appropriate action if you encounter artificial links that are inconsistent with our guidelines. This post aims to clarify what types of links are considered by Google as harmful to the position and the overall reputation of your site. We also want to remind you what to do if on your site has been taken in hand” The full blog post can be read here.

Google Takes Down Links Websites – Germany

Earlier this month, Matt announced that Google had smashed several link websites based in Germany – and also a large ‘SEO Company’ had been penalised (although details were not forthcoming we read into ‘penalised’ as ‘blacklisted’)

Google Takes Down Links Websites – What If My Site Is Effected?

What should I do if your website has been taken to task? Google evaluates and continuously improves the quality of the search , using algorithms, in relation to sites that violate our guidelines. Action may include a manual operation such as lowering their position, and even the removal of our search results. If your website has been penalised, you will be able to see this information in your Google Webmaster Tools account , go to → movement associated with searching → ​​Manual operation. After proper analysis and repair of the site, you will be able to submit a request for reconsiderationIt is important to take these actions – analysis and repair – before the application. For links to your site, contact the webmaster – asking them to remove the problematic links from their pages. As a last resort, if you are not able to remove the links can be waived by their utility to surrender links . In the case of outbound links from your site, such as paid links pointing from your site to another, you must remove or add the attribute rel = ” nofollow “ . If you have any questions or comments you are welcome to visit our webmaster forum.

Google Takes Down Links Websites – Summary

We say “good for you Google”. Such practices give genuine SEO Professionals a bad name. Buying links to give a website a false ranking may seem like the easy option – but is actually a false economy. Your website is failing to rank because the structure of the website, and content there in, is not of a quality that Google would like to present to it’s users. Buying links to drive visitors to a poor quality website – is money down the drain.  When visitors find the site – it is still full of poor quality! Getting a website to rank on Google is a long-term project, which done well will see great results for years to come. Compare ranking on Google to losing weight. If you want to lose weight you could go for a quick fix and have an operation to staple your stomach or have a gastric band fitted.  In the short term you may see results.  How long before you see weight start to go back on? You haven’t addressed the issues. Finding a lasting solution would be to find time to exercise a little more and the ‘self control’ to eat a little less – long lasting results will come naturally. The same could be said of building links – finding a lasting solution would be to find the time to write copy a little more, and the ‘self control’ to wait for the link building process – a long lasting natural listing, will follow. This concludes our article ‘Google Takes Down Links Websites’

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